Sands Bethlehem has launched its Electronic Table Games stadium this week, the first Pennsylvania casino to offer such a product. Sands and ETGs, at a glance The announcement that Sands had launched ETGs came this past week, via the provider of the games, International Game Technology (IGT). According to a press release: The installation of the ETG’s covers 5,900 square feet. Table games, just bigger Offering table gaming via an electronic platform, of course, is not a terribly new concept. Offering blackjack, roulette and other traditional table games via a machine format has been around for quite a while. But the “stadium” style offering has not been deployed en masse in the US. More from the presser from Nick Khin, IGT Senior Vice President of Sales, North American Gaming & Interactive: Wait, Sands isn’t worried about casino jobs? The implementation of automated table games — which require no dealers to staff — is an interesting decision from Sands. One of the reasons Sands and its CEO, Sheldon Adelson, opposes Pennsylvania online casinos is because of the impact on casino-related jobs. The introduction of massive automated table games would seem to be in conflict with that idea. From Forbes in 2013: And testimony from Sands Bethlehem President Mark Juliano in front of the Pennsylvania Senate: Which leads to the obvious question: Does Sands really care about jobs in PA, or just its own bottom line? The introduction of gaming machines that theoretically hurt jobs for live dealers would seem to answer that question. Photo by CyberXRef used under license CC BY-SA 3.0